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There are two things that we absolutely love about Christmas time at Meat Lovers Paradise; the coming together of family and friends, as well as the festive feasts during this time of celebration.

Whether you’re hosting or attending a Christmas party, the food on offer is a massive part of this yearly tradition and in our unbiased opinion (haha) there is nothing quite like a juicy platter of Christmas meats and delicious sides.

At Meat Lovers Paradise, we take the stress out of the hard decisions and planning with a full array of meat packages. We also supply all the basic essentials (such as bread, eggs, milk, cheese, and glazes) needed to execute your Christmas lunch (or dinner) game plan!

Traditional Christmas Specials

We understand that everyone this year has been impacted by the crazy inflation rate and increased cost of living, which is why at Meat Lovers Paradise we are committed to affordable pricing without compromising on the quality of our produce.

We would never want our customers to have to tighten their belts, both literally and figuratively! So we’ve put together a generous Christmas Sale based on our most popular options!

Roast Turkey

A beautiful plump and succulent Turkey is a Christmas Day institution in many parts of the world. This tradition began as far back as the 1500s during the reign of King Henry VIII! Nowadays, Turkey is often used as the primary meat option during the main course of your Christmas feast and is also quite affordable. At Meat Lovers Paradise, we have a few options to choose from;

  • Whole Seasoned Turkey – We supply whole, fresh and free-range turkeys already stuffed and seasoned with our special Meat Lovers Paradise rub. This is the perfect option for large gatherings and is suitable for between 10-16 people, with plenty of leftovers to spare!
  • Boneless Turkey Breast Rolls – If you still would like to enjoy a delicious roast turkey, without necessarily cooking a whole turkey, we also have the option of boneless turkey breast which you can purchase plain, or pre-seasoned with three different seasoning options to choose from.

Leg of Ham & Pork

If a turkey isn’t enticing enough, our delicious leg ham roasts will surely get your nostrils flaring and your tummy grumbling. Our Leg of Ham options have become increasingly popular for Christmas day and are carefully prepared and cured using an old family recipe passed down for generations. Our pork cuts are selected from only the finest and freshest dairy-fed pigs. We have a couple of great options for you;

  • Leg of Hams (Bone-In) – Our bone-in legs of ham are cooked, honey cured and smoked to perfection. Simply baste the cut in a glaze of your choice, and bake to enhance the rich flavour. Half Leg (suitable for 6-10 people) and Full Leg (suitable for 10-15 people) options are also available.
  • Boneless Leg Hams – We also offer boneless leg hams, that are honey cured and smoked using the same great flavours as our bone-in option. For all of our wine connoisseurs, the bold flavours of our leg hams pair quite nicely with light reds such as Pinot Noir and lively whites such as Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Boneless Rolled Pork – We also cater for our pork lovers, who don’t necessarily prefer the smokey flavours of our cured leg hams with our delectable boneless rolled pork meatloaves. These are available plain or filled and seasoned. With plenty of crispy pork crackling also on offer.

Leg of Lamb

Lamb is not as common on Christmas Day as it is during the Easter festive season but it is still a delightful choice and quite mouth-watering, especially on those blistering hot days! It also tastes just as phenomenally for leftovers on Boxing Day and beyond.

Our Boned & Rolled Legs of Lamb can be purchased plain or filled (with sundried tomatoes, prosciutto, basil and marinated eggplant). You can also opt for it to be seasoned in our special Meat Lovers Paradise rub.

Veal Roast

Our veal roasts are a flavoursome and supremely healthy option for Christmas Day delights. For our more health-conscious customers, our plain veal roasts are lean, tender and rich in protein and essential nutrients.

However, if you’re feeling a little more devilish we can also fill, season and wrap them in top-quality pancetta. We recommend pairing our veal roasts with light or medium-bodied red wines such as Pinot Noir, Rosè and fragrant Cabernet’s.

Barbecue Meats & Side Dishes

We know that not everyone likes traditional dishes on Christmas, and would prefer a more relaxed day around the barbecue or charcoal grill. We also have a huge range of all your favourite barbecue options such as lamb cutlets, sausages, wingettes, and drummettes that are all available in special barbecue meat packs.

We also cater for a variety of side dishes including arancini, antipasti platters and cocktail food so that you have everything you could need to make your Christmas day special

For more information about our fresh produce, and catering options for Christmas Day check out our products or contact us today and speak to one of our friendly staff members.