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Lamb & Sweet Potato Osso Bucco
Price: $23.90 (kg)

Asian Lamb Curry
Price: $29.90 (kg)

Mini Lamb Roasts
Price: $38.00 (kg)

Greek Lamb Roast
Price: $32.99 (kg)

Continental Lamb Roast
Price: $32.99 (kg)

Lamb Nosiettes
Price: $41.40 (kg)

Mongolian Lamb
Price: $39.00 (kg)

Gourmet Lamb Shanks
Price: $19.25 (kg)

Seasoned Lamb Racks
Price: $45.00 (kg)

Crumbed Lamb French Cutlets
Price: $32.99 (kg)

Marinated Lamb Chops
Price: $21.99 (kg)

Lamb kebabs
Price: $2.50 (each)